2.0.3: 2016-08-21

Un-twitter-stream-ize release!


  • doc: Added documents into gem. [shocker-ja:1225] [Reported by Youhei SASAKI]
  • Supported expanding shorten URLs by t.co. [shocker-ja:1228] [Suggested by OBATA Akio] [GitHub#5] [Patch by OBATA Akio]
  • Changed to use twitter gem instead of twitter-stream gem.


  • Youhei SASAKI
  • OBATA Akio

2.0.2: 2014-06-05

Ruby/GIO2 2.2.0 supported release!


  • doc: Added description about glib-networking to install documentation for OS X. [GitHub#4] [Patch by Colin Dean] [shocker-ja:1190] [Reported by Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA]
  • Supported Ruby/GIO2 2.2.0.


  • Colin Dean
  • Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA

2.0.1: 2013-08-29

A bug fix release for the first time in a year!


  • Supported initial setup on environments that don't support opening a URI from GTK+ such as OS X.

2.0.0: 2012-08-29

The first release!

Rabbiter is derived from Rabbit package.