Rabbit's repository is GitHub.

Commit mail

You can stay up to date on the latest development by subscribing to the git commit ML. If you want to join, send an e-mail like the following.

Subject: Subscribe


Bug report

Use mailing list (see Users page about mailing list) or Issues on GitHub for reporting a bug or a request.


We welcome your contribution. :)


We always welcome new theme. Please tell us your own theme when you create one.


Rabbit lacks of documentation in English. Please consider to write your tips to FAQ page.


Please translate messages in Rabbit into your native language. You can make po/#{LANG}/rabbit.po by running the following:

% mkdir po/#{LANG}
% ./update-po.rb

Build development environment

Clone repository

Source code of this site are on the Github. It's same of Rabbit's repository.

% git clone

It's under doc dir.

Install gems

Install gems by Bundler.

% cd rabbit
% bundle install --path vendor/bundle

Bundler is package manager tool. It needs installing before.

% gem install bundler

Start development server

Start development server by rake task.

% bundle exec rake doc:server

Web server is booted after run doc:server task. Access locallly.