About Rabbit

Rabbit is a presentation tool for programmer, especially Rubyist.

Slide is written in text format, so you can use your favorite editor or versioning tool to make it.

Rabbit also has programmer-friendly keybord interface. You can use Rabbit just as a slide viewer because Rabbit also supports PDF format. It means even after making slide in other tool like Keynote, you can use Rabbit for displaying it.

You can customize its look with Ruby code, so you can hack even when making slides!


Rabbit supports RD, Wiki markup and Markdown for its format.

RD is an abbreviation of Ruby Document, which is easy to read for its simple text format.

Rabbit supports a Hiki notation; one of the dialects of Wiki notations.


Rabbit has useful slide operation interface as follows.

  • Keybord interface: If you hit a key, then you will get what you want.
  • Mouse gesture: Just for a fun. It'll not be used during presentation but it's fun for creating.
  • Hare and tortoise: Visualize remaining time with animation of their race.


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See Usage page.

How to make slides

See How to make a slide page.



Kouhei Sutou <kou@cozmixng.org>

Images (1)

  • Lavie (mascot) *1 and Rabbit logos.

    (cute rabbit)

  • Tailavi and Taiyaki

    gluttonous rabbit loves Taiyaki.

  • Banner

    (cute banner)


Images (2)

  • USAGI (in Kanji)

    the cool rabbit.

  • KAME

    the cute turtle.


Images (3)



Images (4)

  • Rabbit pink logo
  • Ruby pink logo


Images (5)


    pretty rabbit girl in Japanese dress.

  • Alice

    pretty girl in blue dress.



Mode for xyzzy



Mode for Emacs


Atsushi Takeda



akira yamada


  • Mr. noritada
  • Atsushi Takeda


The code author retains copyright of the source code. In other words the committer retains copyright of his or her committed code and patch authors retain the copyright of their submitted patch code.

The images above are copyrighted by their respective owners.


Licensed under GPLv2 or later. For more information see 'GPL' file. Provided patches, codes and so on are also licensed under GPLv2 or later. Kouhei Sutou can change the license of them. He considers that authors of them agree with the rule when they contribute their patches, codes and so on.

The author of data/rabbit/image/rubykaigi2011-images/rubykaigi2011-background-white.jpg and data/rabbit/image/rubykaigi2011-images/rubykaigi2011-background-black.jpg is norio. And it's licensed under the CC-BY-3.0.

If you want to get a copy of the mascot character PSD files ask the program author. He'll forward the request to the author of the image.

Mailing list

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Join development

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See FAQ page.


Here is a contributor list. Thanks to them!!!

  • MoMo: Drew some pretty images.
  • MIYAMUKO: Wrote rabbit mode for xyzzy, and helps make Rabbit work on Windows.
  • zunda:
    • Fixed EPS handling.
    • Gave me advise for --margin.
    • Makes presentations with Rabbit.
    • Updated INSTALL.win32.ja.
    • Updated INSTALL.macosx-macports.{ja,en}.
  • Vincent: Helped make Rabbit work on Max OS X. He also made french messages.
  • sode: Made the cool rabbit, cute rabbit and cute turtle.
  • Kazuhiko: Sent me many bug reports. He also makes presentations with Rabbit and gives me ideas for theme design.
  • noritada: Sent me a bug report for document.
  • gan: Wrote some flags.
    • Sent me a bug report for document.
    • Makes presentations with Rabbit.
    • Gave me ideas for new features and theme design.
    • Gave me a patch to fix a bug related HTML generation.
    • Made a Mac OS X (Intel) package.
  • atzm: Made Gentoo package (*.ebuild).
  • akira yamada:
    • Made Debian package (*.deb).
    • Reports some bugs and also fixes them.
    • Made rabbirc.
  • usatti: Drew some logos and taro series images.
  • dot: Helps with installation on Windows.
  • tanaka: Checked operations on Windows.
  • asahina: Drew the pretty rabbit girl and Alice.
  • nskj77: Gave a name to FAQ page. He sends action reporting and some bug reports.
  • Atsushi Takeda: Wrote rabbit mode for Emacs.
  • kimura wataru: Made a Mac OS X package.
  • kitaj:
    • Makes presentations with Rabbit.
    • Improved INSTALL.win32.en.
    • Improved a theme.
  • akapy: Wrote a document for emerge.
  • OBATA Akio:
    • Made a pkgsrc package.
    • Makes presentations with Rabbit.
    • Reports some bugs and also fixes them.
    • Helps debug many problems.
    • Made Rabbitter.
  • Masao Mutoh:
    • Makes presentations with Rabbit.
    • Updated INSTALL.win32.ja.
  • TADA Tadashi:
    • Makes presentations with Rabbit.
    • Contributed his themes.
    • Propposed the idea to have Rabbit provide a slide for benchmarking your theme.
  • Shugo Maeda:
    • Makes presentations with Rabbit.
    • Reported a bug.
  • JunichiNakai: Reports bugs.
  • Eduardo Gonzalez: Improves documents in English.
  • Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA: Reported a bug.
  • Masaki Suketa: Reported bugs related Ruby 1.9.
  • kdmsnr: Reported a bug.
  • Youhei SASAKI: The official Debian package maintainer.
  • Matz:
    • Makes presentations with Rabbit.
    • Suggested about information window.
  • tmtms:
    • Reported a bug related Ruby 1.9.
  • Kiwamu Okabe:
    • Contributed twitter-footer theme.
    • Contributed Rabbit control command by Wii Remote.
  • Nobuyoshi Nakada:
    • Suggested about console availability check way on Windows.
  • Ken Muryoi:
    • Fixed a bug in document.
  • TAKATSU Tomonari:
    • The official FreeBSD Ports maintainer.
    • Fixed many bugs.


*1Lavie's sense of language is from Rabbit and spell is from `la vie' in French.